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* Win16 = Win 3.1 , Win3.11  ...
   Win32 = Win95 , Win98 , Win2000 , Win Me, Win NT.

*  Standalone software : software which runs alone.
    Plugin : you need another software, and the plugin is integrated to this software.

Name Description Pros Cons Price * Pictures


Tree Generator 2.0 - Standalone soft.

- Lots of parameters
- Export to .3DS, .DXF, .OBJ
- Tree structure allows you to easily edit it in your 3D modeler
- Billboard clouds


nearly 38€)

XFrog - Standalone soft + Plugin for Maya and Cinema4D

- Takes into account the environment for the growth (pruning, phototropism...)
- Animable growth
- Allow to cut branches
- Very realistic trees

SpeedTreeCAD - Standalone soft.
and plugin for MAX

- SpeedTree is a 3D engine which is able to render forest in realtime. SpeedTreeCAD is the tree generator for this engine
- Unreal Engine uses SpeedTree SDK...

- Price !

8,495.00$ for the entire SDK

495$ for MAX Plugin (SpeedTreeMAX)

Onyx Garden - Standalone soft.
- Suite of 5 sofwares to create bamboos, conifers, broadleavesn flowers, palms
  - No demo available 495.00 $
(or 195$ for only one of theses softs)
Onyx Tree Storm 5.0 - Plugin for Max3.1 and Max4
- Needs Onyx Garden
- Models Tree Professional and Classic generated trees into 3DSMax
- Enable modeling of generated trees by Ony Garden suite   495.00 $ with Onyx Tree Pro. [Onyx Tree modifier]
NatFX - Plugin for MAX/Maya

- Biological growth (uses AMAP technology)
- Allow to cut branches
- Branches moving with wind
- Billboarding and LOD
- Good realism

- Need to pay for each seed
- Impossible to create unrealistic trees (ie. trees which don't exist in reality)
- Growth of trees not animable
- Doesn't take into account multiple trees interaction for growth nor environment
- Not interactive
- Expensive

60€ per tree


990$/910€ for the plugin (10 seeds included)

AMAP Genesis 3.0 - Standalone soft. or plugin for Maya and Softimage

- Exports in 3DS, OBJ and DXF
- Resulting of 10 years of research at CIRAD, a french research center
- Only real plants
- Cutting branches


- seems to be unavailable now... N/A
Tree Druid - Plugin for Carrara and Standalone version available

- Physical parameters
- Some tree presets
- OBJ and DXF export

- Really few parameters
- Website seems out of date (?)

99.95$ for standalone, 79.95 for plugin
Tree Factory - Plugin for MAX - Many kinds of trees - No demo available 174.99 $
TreesDesigner 1.5 - Plugin for LightWave - Intuitive tree modelling
- Trees seems realistic
  150.00$ (with LeavesGenerator)
Arbaro - Standalone

- Export in POV, DXF and OBJ
- Implementation of a Siggraph'95 paper

- doesn't seem to handle textures
- few plants

Note : Comments are given depending to the price of the software. A product which costs more than 200$ and which doesn't handle more than 2 or 3 fileformats for exporting trees, will be more blamed than a product with the same problem which cost less than 50$...
*Prices are given as an indication and are not contractual. Features, pros and cons are also given as an indication.

But why not using compilation CD, full of pre-made trees ?
In fact, it depends from what you need. A CD full of trees is less flexible, you don't have the power to change your trees. You've bought it, you've got it for life.
If you simply need 5 or 6 trees to put in a scene, you can buy a compilation CD, but if you need a complete forest, or if you often use trees in your scenes, buy a software for creating your trees.

Useful link for trees compilations :

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